Las mejores conservas de anchoas, bonito y boquerones desde 1935. Herrera de Pisuerga (Palencia)

Semi-preserved anchovies company


CONSERVAS RAMOS is a family company which, since the 1930s, has been specializing in the artisanal production of anchovy fillets.

The origins of CONSERVAS RAMOS date back to 1935, when the founder of the company, Antonio Ramos, set up his own business in Laredo (Cantabria). Some years later, he moved to PrĂ¡danos de Ojeda (Palencia) but he never ceased to process anchovy fillets in Laredo.

Nowadays, the third generation of the family is running a company in Herrera de Pisuerga (Palencia) and they maintain the same quality criteria which were acquired by their ascendants.


Before talking about a company dedicated to that business, we should highlight the origins of this product in our country. The Italians, particularly those in Sicily, were the ones who introduced salting in Spain (salted and pressed anchovies) at the end of the 19th century.

At that time, anchovies were not as commercially important as they are now in Eastern Cantabria. Because of that, fresh anchovies were salted but they were not arranged in fillets.

Later, anchovies were canned in butter but the appearance and storage conditions were unsatisfactory so oil was foregrounded.

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